Afternoon Games (O'Neill)

By Cambridge Public Library

Joins us at the O'Neill Branch Library to play your favorite board game or complete a puzzle!

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.: ሃሙስ, May 4 3pm – 5pm; ሃሙስ, May 11 3pm – 5pm; ሃሙስ, May 18 3pm – 5pm; ሃሙስ, May 25 3pm – 5pm; ሃሙስ, June 1 3pm – 5pm; ሃሙስ, June 8 3pm – 5pm; ሃሙስ, June 15 3pm – 5pm; ሃሙስ, June 22 3pm – 5pm; ሃሙስ, June 29 3pm – 5pm; and ሃሙስ, July 6 3pm – 5pm.


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Registration is optional for this event. Read the event description for more information.



  • In-person only.

O'Neill Branch Library

70 Rindge Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140
ዩናይትድ ስቴትስ

North Cambridge

Additional information

We are now offering outdoor games too, including: hula hoops, cornhole, ring toss, and an assortment of sports balls.