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The ways in which we create, share, and consume art have been transformed b huhh b8uu8This outlines the curriculum for a 4-week Augmented Reality (AR) Experience project.

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.: 6pm – 8pm, 6pm – 8pm, 6pm – 8pm, 6pm – 8pm, and 6pm – 8pm.

Ages: 18 and Adult and Senior Adult.


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Participants will learn about the basic of Augmented Reality, and be creating AR experiences to address real-world problems.

Each workshop will comprise of a core, as well as a specific track focused on one of these areas:

1. AR FOR ART - Creating life-like "digital twins" of artwork using Augmented Reality – Oct 21st, Oct28th, Nov 4th, Nov 11th + Community Presentation on Nov 18th



Looking to start a podcast? Planning is an essential but often overlooked aspect of creating a successful podcast. Come learn some of the ins and outs of planning a podcast and get your idea off the ground! Instructor: Catherine Conley


Taught by expert instructors from Cambridge Community Television (CCTV).

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