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Beaver Moon Bioblitz

By Green Cambridge

Join this outdoor (& safe) search for animals and other living things in our city. Teams, families, or individuals can win prizes for the most WILD (*not domestic/cultivated*) organisms in Cambridge.

Turkey next to a fire hydrant near Cambridge Hospital

.: 9:00午前 – 11:59午後.

As long as

(1) your photos are taken during the week that ends 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1st, and your camera or smartphone stores the time-stamp; and 

(2) your phone or camera settings include location data, which is shared with iNaturalist,

your observation will be added to the Beaver Moon Bioblitz automatically

Ages 3 to Senior Adult.

Any photos taken within the City of Cambridge, Mass. and uploaded to iNaturalist will create eligible nature observations automatically on the iNaturalist site/app.

Prizes (nature journaling supplies) are for Cambridge residents who are age 3–18 and under, or for 3–18 year olds who are members of teams based in Cambridge.


Julie A. Croston

No application or registration needed.

  • Sign-up is ongoing


Contact us for more information.


  • No transportation provided.

Photos of wild animals, plants, and other organisms that are not pets, humans, or cultivated plants may be taken anywhere in Cambridge, so accessibility of location depends on where you choose to take your photos.

Additional information

Have fun with the family at home, even in a park or back yard! No place is too small for an adventure with iNaturalist. Help us collect as many observations as we can of all local species in Cambridge, starting Wed., Nov 25 and ending at 11:59 Tues., Dec. 1. Fun, nature inspired prizes for the Top 10 Observers!

Details and Links for the 2020 Beaver Moon Cambridge Bioblitz