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Being one with Earth: Telling stories with papercutting

By Cambridge Public Library

Free event at the Cambridge Public Library.

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12pm – 1:30pm

.: 12pm – 1:30pm and 12pm – 1:30pm.

Ages 18 and Adult and Senior Adult.


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Additional information

Project series to tell stories of species extinction, the interconnectivity of various life forms, and the art of living together through multi-media presentation, a combination of traditional Chinese papercut, watercolor, poetry, video and digital animation.

In this series of workshops, participants will be introduced the traditional Chinese art of papercutting and the philosophy that is the integral part of the skills, design and aesthetics. Create your own style of story telling using simple papercuts, or any combination of papercuts, drawings, paintings, poems, music or narrations.


Workshop Materials List
You may find all above materials locally at the Blick Art Materials, Artist and Craftsman Supply, or Michael's craft store)

1. Chinese white or red rice paper

There is a tradition in Chinese papercut to use red paper for everything. So it's ok if you only want to buy one kind of paper – I recommend the Chinese red rice paper.


White rice paper. (IF you want to color it into a different color).

*If you have tissue papers at home and want to save money, the tissue papers will do as well. Any sort paper will work for beginners. The rice paper will look much better.


2. A pair of pointy scissors

For example:


3. Any watercolor sets and watercolor (optional- only if you are interested in coloring your papercuts.)

**If you want to get some ideas ahead of the workshops, here is the artist Youtube channel: Wildcrane Art on Youtube.

About the Artist:

Zhonghe (Elena) Li is a multi-media artist. The motivation behind her creativity has consistently been her love for nature's diversity and her profound concern about the environment, species extinction and humanity's future. Li is deeply influenced by the Taoist philosophy of "being one with nature" (天人合一) and hopes to promote the art of living together through her artwork.


The workshops are supported in part by the Cambridge Public Library and in part by a grant from Cambridge Arts, a local agency that is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.