Glowforge 101: Creative Laser Cutting (Main)

By Cambridge Public Library

Free event at the Cambridge Public Library.

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.: الأربعاء, سبتمبر 13 6:30م – 8:30م; الثلاثاء, سبتمبر 19 6:30م – 8:30م; السبت, سبتمبر 23 2:30م – 4:30م; and الخميس, سبتمبر 28 2م – 4م.

Ages: 18 and Adults.


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Learn how to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials using the Glowforge Pro laser cutter in this workshop. You will start by utilizing the camera on the Glowforge to focus and scan your own custom images, properly select materials for your project, and fabricate your first design. You will create digital artwork for the Glowforge, and learn file formatting for production. Registration is required.

You must complete Hive Safety Training before registering for this program.