Healthy Aging & Cycling Summer Fridays: Group Ride Series

By Community Development Department and Cambridge Council on Aging

All are welcome, although this slow roll group ride series caters to older adults. Rides will gradually increase in mileage, while maintaining a relaxing pace.

Cambridge Community Development Department
8:15am – 9am

This is a recurring event and is coming up on 8:15am – 9am, 8:15am – 9am, and 8:15am – 9am. .: 8:15am – 9am.

.: 8:15am – 9am, 8:15am – 9am, 8:15am – 9am, 8:15am – 9am, and 8:15am – 9am.

Fridays beginning June 25, 2021
8:15 — 9:00 AM (meet), 9:00 AM (start rolling)

Ages Adult and Senior Adult.


Adi Philson
Cambridge Community Development Department
TTY: 617-349-4621
Alicia Johnson
North Cambridge Senior Center

Registration required

  • Sign-up is ongoing



  • In-person only.

Meeting point sent via email

Additional information

Beginning with off-street paths, rides will focus on improving comfortability on-bike as well as introduce navigating the city by bicycle.

This fitness class series is intended to be the third unit of a 3-unit
Healthy Aging and Cycling in Cambridge program.

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