Nature in the City Festival

By Mass Audubon

This is a free celebration includes nature-based games and activities, art, live music, food, and more for all ages!

Photo of Magazine Beach Park and Festival attendees.

.: শনিবার, এপ্রিল 15 4অপরাহ্ন – 7:30অপরাহ্ন; শুক্রবার, মে 26 5অপরাহ্ন – 8অপরাহ্ন; শুক্রবার, জুন 30 5অপরাহ্ন – 8অপরাহ্ন; শুক্রবার, জুলাই 28 5অপরাহ্ন – 8অপরাহ্ন; শুক্রবার, আগস্ট 25 4অপরাহ্ন – 7অপরাহ্ন; শনিবার, সেপ্টেম্বর 23 3অপরাহ্ন – 6অপরাহ্ন; and শনিবার, অক্টোবর 28 2অপরাহ্ন – 5অপরাহ্ন.

During the summer, we hold the festival on Fridays in late afternoon or evening near the end of the month. In September and October, the festival will happen on Saturdays.

Ages: 3 to Adults.

Most activities of the activities are for ages 3+ but all children and adults are welcome to attend!

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Mass Audubon in Cambridge

No application or registration needed.


While it's free to attend, some event activities may have costs associated, such as food trucks or those interested in signing up for a membership.


  • In-person only.

Magazine Beach Park

668 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139
মার্কিন যুক্তরাষ্ট্র


Additional information

Make nature-based arts and crafts for all ages including bird feeder building, drawing, animal mask making, and collaging. Learn more about nature in and outside of the city and celebrate with us!

Nature in the City Flyer.