Portrait Drawing Class

By Cambridge Council on Aging

Students will learn how to approach a human portrait drawing from start to finish.

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الاثنين, مارس 4 3م – 4:30م

This is a recurring event and is coming up on الاثنين, مارس 11 3م – 4:30م; الاثنين, مارس 25 3م – 4:30م; and الاثنين, أبريل 1 3م – 4:30م

.: الاثنين, يناير 8 3م – 4:30م; الاثنين, يناير 22 3م – 4:30م; الاثنين, يناير 29 3م – 4:30م; الاثنين, فبراير 5 3م – 4:30م; الاثنين, فبراير 12 3م – 4:30م; الاثنين, فبراير 26 3م – 4:30م; Thu, May 11 2023 1:30م – 2:30م; Thu, May 18 2023 1:30م – 2:30م; and Thu, May 25 2023 1:30م – 2:30م.

Age: Senior Adult.

Organization affiliates only.

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To register for My Senior Center, call The Council on Aging at 617-349-6220.



  • In-person only.

Cambridge Senior Center

806 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
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Mid Cambridge

Additional information

This class teaches realistic methods of portrait drawing by copying a photograph of a portrait, with focuses on fundamentals such as how to sharpen a pencil, draw straight lines, measure proportions with accuracy, make a 9-point value scale, understand the light logic, see the light and shadow shapes, the middle tones, and how to render the forms from big to small. The class will include explanations of human head anatomy, facial planes as well as important bony markers on the human head. Students will be guided at their individual pace and needs. A short demonstration will be given in each  class. No Prior drawing experience necessary for this class. 

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