STEAM Academy: Innovators for Purpose Summer Studio

By Cambridge Public Library

Innovators for Purpose (iFp) Studio is a teen-powered design and innovation program where teens channel their energy and creative vision to imagine and build a better world.

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.: terça-feira, Julho 5 9am – 4pm; quarta-feira, Julho 6 9am – 4pm; quinta-feira, Julho 7 9am – 4pm; sexta-feira, Julho 8 9am – 4pm; terça-feira, Julho 12 9am – 4pm; quarta-feira, Julho 13 9am – 4pm; quinta-feira, Julho 14 9am – 4pm; sexta-feira, Julho 15 9am – 4pm; terça-feira, Julho 19 9am – 4pm; quarta-feira, Julho 20 9am – 4pm; quinta-feira, Julho 21 9am – 4pm; sexta-feira, Julho 22 9am – 4pm; terça-feira, Julho 26 9am – 4pm; quarta-feira, Julho 27 9am – 4pm; quinta-feira, Julho 28 9am – 4pm; sexta-feira, Julho 29 9am – 4pm; terça-feira, Agosto 2 9am – 4pm; quarta-feira, Agosto 3 9am – 4pm; quinta-feira, Agosto 4 9am – 4pm; and sexta-feira, Agosto 5 9am – 4pm.

Ages: 12 to 18.


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Blending art, design, science, technology and storytelling within a social justice framework, teens engage in real-world client-sponsored projects.

July 5 - August 5, weekdays from 9:15am-3:30pm at the Main Library

Innovators for Purpose (iFp) is a Cambridge-based nonprofit that inspires high-potential, diverse young people to discover their passions, develop innovative mindsets and cultivate marketable skills to solve problems they care most about. Summer Studio teens are funded in part through the Mayor's Summer Youth Program.

The Cambridge Public Library STEAM Academy is part Cambridge STEAM Initiative's efforts to enhance and expand students' access to quality STEAM learning experiences. Made possible by generous support from the Eric and Jane Nord Family Fund and Verizon