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Wee Chalk the Walk: Wee The People

By Find It Cambridge

We're hosting A Family Day of Action for Black Lives in direct response to the impact of COVID19 on Black and Brown lives, using art families create and send to us to promote!

.: 8am – 9pm.

All ages.

All grades.

Everyone is welcome to participate, please see event details in additional information or visit our website for more information.


Wee The People
For general information

No application or registration needed.


There's no cost and no need to sign-up, just participate!


This event takes place at your home, on your street or block, or where ever you and your family feel safest.

Additional information

For health and safety, this Day of Action will happen on our own blocks, with kid-friendly, home-based activities that will open up critical opportunities for parents and caregivers to talk with kids about racial injustice and the choice we can make to speak out.

  • SEND US PHOTOS OR VIDEO of your Chalk the Walk resistance and Wee will post them throughout the day on Sunday! Suggested activities include:
  • SIDEWALK CHALK ART: Talk with kids and neighbors and create some bold, artful messaging for everyone who walks by. What do you want them to know and do right now? What kind of change do you want to see in the world?
  • SIGN-MAKING: Invite children and neighbors to make signs and post them for the community to see.
  • TOY PROTEST: Make mini-protest signs with tape and small pieces of paper. Grab your stuffies, action figures, and dolls and give them their own voice about what needs to change.
  • CANDLES: Light a candle (or several) for the Black and Brown lives impacted and lost to the pandemic, to racism, and to White supremacist ideology.
  • PLAYLIST PROTEST: Make/share a playlist of protest songs in honor of Black and Brown lives. Send us a Youtube video of the protest song that most speaks to this moment and Wee will post it! Wee will also be posting/sharing our own faves throughout the day.
  • SAY THEIR NAMES: Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd -- each one of them belonged to their own loved ones, their own families, their own communities. Design their names in chalk, in a notebook, on a T-shirt, with a paintbrush. Let the world know that their lives mattered.

Feeling timid about this conversation? Wee got you. Throughout the day we'll be featuring books, songs, resources and activities to help parents and caregivers talk about racism, inequity, and police brutality with young kids.