Wellness for Seniors: Tai Chi Paradigm - Level 1 (Main)

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बुधवार, फेब्रुअरी 1 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह

This is a recurring event and is coming up on बुधवार, फेब्रुअरी 8 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह; बुधवार, फेब्रुअरी 15 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह; and बुधवार, फेब्रुअरी 22 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह .: Upcoming occurrences include: बुधवार, मार्च 1 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह; बुधवार, मार्च 8 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह; बुधवार, मार्च 15 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह; and बुधवार, मार्च 22 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह.

.: बुधवार, जनवरी 4 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह; बुधवार, जनवरी 11 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह; बुधवार, जनवरी 18 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह; and बुधवार, जनवरी 25 10पूर्वान्ह – 11पूर्वान्ह.

Ages: 18 and Adults.


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Additional information

Join us in this 12-week Tai Chi practice, which focuses on the mind and body connection. Tai Chi is a fluid sequence of movements choreographed in a low impact routine.

Sifu Mynor Diaz has been learning and teaching Tai Chi classes for over 20 years. He has taught classes at five VA Boston Healthcare System locations and at Senior Centers.

Due to the popularity of this series we expect participants to attend all the classes. 

Open to participants who have attended the Fall session. 

This is an in-person event.

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