De Novo Center for Justice and Healing

De Novo provides free civil legal assistance and affordable psychological counseling to low income people.

De Novo
Hours of operation
月曜日: 9:00 午前-5:00 午後
火曜日: 9:00 午前-5:00 午後
水曜日: 9:00 午前-5:00 午後
木曜日: 9:00 午前-5:00 午後
金曜日: 9:00 午前-5:00 午後


Dr. Paul Goldmuntz, PsyD
Clinical Director - Counseling Referrals (English)
(617) 405-5463
Lauren Shebairo, LICSW
Associate Clinical Director - Center for Global Human Rights and Resilience Evaluation Project Referrals
(617) 405-5467
Susan Corcoran
Volunteer Inquiries
(617) 405-5468


47 Thorndike Street
Suite SB-LL-1
Cambridge, MA 02141

East Cambridge

Additional information

De Novo offers legal assistance in the areas of family law and domestic violence, housing and homelessness prevention, disability benefits, and immigrant and refugee rights. Our counseling program assists adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, social isolation, relationship difficulties, family troubles, work problems, trauma associated with violence, or other concerns. Our holistic model of care means clients not only receive effective legal assistance, but also are able to navigate the enormous struggles they face.