#2Blocks Campaign - iFp Teen Creatives' Blogs

By Innovators for Purpose

How much can 2 blocks from the most innovative square mile on the planet make? From our research a lot! It's time those impacted most to have a say. Check out our weekly blogs written by iFp Teens.

2 Blocks
This is an ongoing program.

Ages: 14 to Adult.

Grades 9th grade through 12th grade.

Anyone can read our blogs! Teens should reach out to ask how you can help support our campaign to organize teens in support of educational equity!


No application or registration needed.



The program serves people at their homes or wherever it is needed or online.

  • Only virtual (online or over the phone).

Additional information

Visit the 2 Blocks project page to learn more about our teen-led movement: https://innovatorsforpurpose.org/2blocks

Also, please like and follow our newly added Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/innovatorsforpurpose/