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911 Disability Indicator Program

By Cambridge Emergency Communications

The disability indicator program is a voluntary program that helps 911 call takers identify if a person calling needs special assistance during an emergency.

This is an ongoing program.

Ages: Adults.

We support people of all ages with a disability but typically require an adult to access these services.

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Christina Giacobbe
Director of Emergency Communications and 911
TTY: 617-499-9924

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  • Sign-up is ongoing


911 Disability Indicator Program

*Please Note: It is important to submit a new Disability Indicator Form upon change of service provider, telephone number, or address*
Please mail completed forms to:
City of Cambridge, Emergency Communications Department
125 Sixth Street, 5th floor
Cambridge, MA 02142



  • Only virtual (online or over the phone).

Additional information

The disability indicator form was created by a group of several different organizations representing the mobility, hearing, speech and sight impaired communities. The information provided on the disability indicator form enables a special code to appear on the 911 call takers screen which alerts the call taker that a person residing at that address may require special assistance during an emergency.