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Beginning Martial Arts for Elementary School Children

By Jae H. Kim Taekwondo Institute

Fun, high energy martial arts classes for ages 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Instructors and students sanitizing hands before class.
This is an ongoing program.
Monday through Friday. Afternoon.

Our pandemic schedule has age 4-5 at 3:20 pm, ages 6-8 4pm, age 9-12 5pm, adults at 6pm.

Ages 4 to 12.


Jae Hwang
Head Instructor

Registration required

  • Sign-up is ongoing

Come to our location at 2000 Mass. Ave. to observe a class and fill out the registration form, or book a virtual visit with an instructor to see the school and register via email/phone. Stay Safe, Cambridge!


$149 per month. Special 3-month beginner program $399 for Find-It Cambridge users.


  • Both in-person and virtual (online or over the phone).

2000 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140
United States

Neighborhood 9
  • Transportation from school provided for some eligible students; check with your child's school.

Some students may be eligible to take their Cambridge public school bus route to our location on their class days. For example, the Red Rocket stops right by our location.

Additional information

Improve self-discipline, attention, confidence, and physical coordination while learning a martial art in a traditional setting. Self-defense skills build self-confidence and attention span while the activity builds fitness, strength, flexibility, and cardio for growing bodies. To accommodate social distancing we have both Zoom class and in-person class with distancing restrictions/mandatory masks. Email to observe a class or take a virtual tour of the school:

Program continues to run during Winter vacation, February vacation, and April vacation.

How COVID safety works for our in-person & Zoom classes.