BKB Summer Adventure Weeks

By Brooklyn Boulders

Indoor Rock Climbing and Parkour Summer Camp

This program runs during the summer.
Monday through Friday. Morning and Afternoon.

Program runs 9:00am - 3:30pm

Extended day offered from 3:30pm - 6pm

Ages 5 to 12.


Dustin Rothbart
Assistant General Manager


$589 per week 

5+ week and 10+ week discounts available


  • In-person only.

Brooklyn Boulders Somerville
12A Tyler St
Somerville, MA 02143
ዩናይትድ ስቴትስ

Outside Cambridge

Additional information

BKB Summer Adventure Weeks are designed to help kids foster teamwork and build self-confidence as they climb soaring walls, crawl through obstacles like ninjas, balance like gymnasts and master the art of problem solving through physical activity.

Sessions are full day from 9am - 3:30pm

  • Drop off starting at 8:30am
  • Participants will be required to wear masks at all times
  • Gear rental included

Our Staff:

Our staff members are all experienced climbers with more than enough energy to keep your kids psyched for the whole week. This isn’t your typical babysitter-type staff, our 1:5 ratio allows the counselors to get to know their kids, make sure their needs are met and create memories with them that will last forever.