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Cambridge Public Schools 3-Year-Old Lottery Registration

By Cambridge Public Schools

Parents can apply online (and sometimes with in-person or phone assistance) for the CPS's 3-year-old programs (Preschool) in October for the following year's preschool enrollment.

Photo of a preschool student, quality preschool programs in Cambridge Public Schools.

.: Sat, October 1 2022 – Fri, October 28 2022 and Mon, October 2 2023 – Fri, October 27 2023.

The deadline to apply for the upcoming school year is the last Friday of the prior October. (E.g. September 2023 enrollment application phase ends on October 28th, 2022.)

Ages: 3 and 4.

Grade Preschool.

Children must be born between April 1st of the 4th before enrollment and August 31st of the 3rd year before enrollment. Enrollment in September 2024 means children must be born between April 1st, 2020 and August 31st, 2021. A separate lottery exists later in the year for students entering public school for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten. 

Request assistance


Student Registration Center
Shelagh Kelly Walker
Special Start Coordinator
Liz Rollins
Special Start Lead Teacher
Jeannie Parkus
Special Start EI Transition & Screen Coordinator


If parents receive and accept a spot, attendance is free for all participants. There is no application fee.


  • Both in-person and virtual (online or over the phone).

Student Registration Center

459 Broadway, First Floor SRC Entrance
Cambridge, MA 02138

Mid Cambridge
Fletcher-Maynard Scholar College

225 Windsor Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

The Port
Tobin Montessori Children's House

Tobin Montessori School
395 Broadway (Temporary Building)
Cambridge, MA 02138

Mid Cambridge
Special Start Integrated Classrooms

Various Cambridge Public School Buildings
359 Broadway, Main Office, Longfellow Building
Cambridge, MA 02139

Mid Cambridge

If you'd like to apply in-person at the Student Registration Center, please contact us at or 617.349.6551 to make an appointment. 

Limited Preschool seats are available at:
Fletcher Maynard Scholar College | Tobin Montessori Children’s House | Special Start Integrated Classrooms (locations at The Port, Mid Cambridge, Baldwin School, Cambridgeport School, Graham and Park School, Kennedy/Longfellow School, Morris School, Peabody School, and Tobin School.

Wheelchair accessible.

Additional information

An information session will take place every year before the application phase begins. See the CPS website for more details: