CYC Youth Headspace

By Family Policy Council

Our alternative resource is curated by youth for youth to help destigmatize conversations around mental health through our welcoming, fun and approachable campaign.

This is an ongoing program.

Ages: 5 to Young Adult.

We created our website with youth in mind, but it is open to all who wish to access it.

Request assistance


Cambridge Youth Council
CHA Access and Crisis Line (24/7)
Community Behavioral Health Center

If you are in a place of crisis, call or text the Community Behavioral Health Center hotline at 833-773-2445. Open 24/7!

No application or registration needed.



The program serves people at their homes or wherever it is needed or online.

  • In-person only.

Additional information

Our goal is for this website to grow over time as more students share the resources that work for them. Add yours and learn how to join our mission to support each other through the rollercoaster of life by clicking below. The CYC Youth Headspace site was created by the Cambridge Youth Council, a council of young people ages 14-18 who live in Cambridge and are dedicated to improving the lives of youth in our city through social justice, education, and community building. Learn more about our work here

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