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Virtual Summer Science Week Programs: Dig into Earth Science with this virtual museum experience. Explore volcanoes, crystals, and fossils.

Monday through Friday. Morning.

Grades 1–2 meet at 9:30 am

Grades 3–4 meet at 10:30 am


Call Reservations at (617) 495-2341 or email for more information or for assistance with registration.

Additional information

During the live Zoom sessions, experiment with “lava,” solve a sandy mystery, and see real museum specimens. Continue your investigations at home as you grow crystals, collect rocks, and make your own fossils! A small packet of special materials will be sent to your home to help with your discoveries.

Additional supplies needed: An empty clear plastic jar with a lid (for example, a cleaned peanut butter or mayonnaise jar), a handful of small rocks (will be used for an activity and may get damaged), a box of small paper cups (like Dixie cups), borax (usually sold near the laundry detergent in grocery stores), Play-Doh, vinegar, baking soda, construction paper, scissors, disposable spoons (optional), and craft paint (optional).


The program serves people at their homes or wherever it is needed.

For whom

Ages 6 to 9. Grades 1st grade through 4th grade.


Fees: $58 members/$65 nonmembers

Registration required

  • Sign-up is ongoing