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Home Delivery: Food For Free

By Food For Free

Food For Free's Home Delivery program brings food to low-income Cambridge residents who live alone or who cannot access food pantries due to illness or disability.

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This is an ongoing program.
Sunday and Friday and Saturday.

The Home Delivery Program will deliver food non-perishable food weekly to those that sign up!

Ages Young Adult to Senior Adult.

Cambridge residents only

Applicants must live in Cambridge, and because of a disability or impairment, be unable to use existing food pantries. Applicants must qualify as low-income under HUD guidelines ($34,350 per year for one person). Applicants must have their health care provider fill out a portion of the application.

Please keep in mind, this program is for people that live alone. It is targeted for people who not only cannot access food pantries due to disability or illness, but who also don't have a partner, family member, or friend who could do that.


Stephanie Smith
Program Director



The program serves people at their homes or wherever it is needed or online.

  • In-person only.

Additional information

We deliver about 38-40 pounds of food, including fresh produce, twice per month. Eligible clients are either seniors and/or people with disabilities who are unable to access traditional food pantries due to their illness or disability. Home Delivery brings groceries to our clients, so that the recipients can cook their own