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Kick the School Year Into Gear! Martial Arts Fitness for Beginners

By Jae H. Kim Taekwondo Institute

Some students of all ages

A martial arts program for adults and teens to try something new, get in shape, and stay active in the fall and winter months as we spend more time indoors.

This is an ongoing program.
Monday through Saturday. Afternoon and Evening.

Classes for teens and adults are offered at 6pm daily, plus 1pm on Tuesday/Thursday and 11am on Saturday. Come as many days a week as your schedule allows. Some classes are in-person and others are also offered via Zoom. Members can also access video of the classes later for home workouts at other times. 


Jae Hwang
Head Instructor


Additional information

Taekwondo is a martial art that emphasizes footwork, kicks, and blocks. The activity reduces stress, brings clarity of mind, and builds cardio, reflexes, balance, and core strength. You don't have to be fit to do it, you do it to become fit. Our classes have been reformatted for Zoom to do at home and we also have in-person classes with mandatory masks and social distancing procedures in place. Email to come observe a class and see if it looks fun!

Program continues to run during Winter vacation, February vacation, and April vacation.

How COVID safety works for our in-person & Zoom classes.


2000 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140
United States

Neighborhood 9
  • Transportation from school provided for some eligible students; check with your child's school.

Some students may be able to get permission to take Cambridge Public School buses to our location for after-school classes. The Red Rocket stops right by our location.

For whom

Ages 12 to 18 and Adult.


This special three-month "Get Started" program has a special price for Find-It Cambridge users of $399. (Regular price $429 or $149 per month.)

Registration required

  • Sign-up is ongoing

Come by our 2000 Mass Ave school to observe a class and fill out the registration form, or contact us for a virtual visit and sign up via email/phone.