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Join one of the oldest nursery school cooperatives in the country for children ages 2Y 9M - 5 years! We offer regular day, extended day, and a summer program to our families.

This is an ongoing program.
Monday through Friday.
  • 8:30 AM -12:30 PM for regular schedule
  • 8:30 AM -3:00 PM for extended schedule
  • June and July during summer program

Ages: 2 to 5.

Grades Toddler through Junior Kindergarten.

Children can attend when between the ages of 2 years, 9 months and 5 years-old.

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Parents Nursery School Co-op
Admissions Committee

Application required

  • Sign-up is ongoing

PNS Application Packet.

PNS Online Application Form

Applications are considered when submitted at any point during the year, but spots are always prioritized for applications submitted prior to February 1st of the [calendar] year your child will start attending.

You can submit the forms provided below, schedule a tour, review our Admissions Information Page, and/or contact us.


Contact us for more information.

  • Financial Aid and/or Scholarship Available


  • In-person only.

Parents Nursery School Co-op

117 Cushing Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
United States

Strawberry Hill

Additional information

Parents’ Nursery School is a parent cooperative, meaning our families all work together to make sure the school runs smoothly, remains financially healthy and our building in good shape. Being a member of a cooperative does require time and effort, but it is manageable (and compatible even with most working families’ schedules), and being involved in your child’s educational journey is immensely rewarding. The cooperative structure also fosters a real sense of community – friendships often last well beyond PNS ‘graduation’, for parents as much as children!

The basic responsibilities are:

  • Parent Helping
    Arrive at the school at 8.30 a.m. and parent help until 12:30pm, then clean the school, finishing by 1p.m. Families parent help approximately once every 3 weeks.
  • 2 ‘Work Days’
    One parent from each family come together to work as a group during a morning shift on a Saturday. There is a fall work day and a spring work day. And there’s bagels, coffee and tunes 
  • Parent Committees
    One family member either has a job on one of the parent committees (Events, Community Relations, Maintenance and Supply, PNS Librarian..) or serves as a Board Member (eg Secretary, Admissions Chair, Treasurer…)