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Participatory Budgeting

By City of Cambridge Budget Office

This is an ongoing program.

The 2019 PB cycle will run from May-December 2019 and include the following key phases:
1) Planning and recruitment of a volunteer OUTREACH COMMITTEE consisting of residents and representatives from local nonprofit and community-based organizations (May 2019).
2) Community members brainstorm and submit IDEAS about how to spend money to improve Cambridge (June 1-July 31, 2019).
3) Volunteer Budget Delegates research and prioritize ideas, ultimately developing final PROPOSALS for the PB ballot (August-November 2019).
4) City staff vet proposals for FEASIBILITY and COST (November 2019).
5) Residents VOTE on which projects they’d like the City to fund (December 1-7, 2019).
6) RESULTS are announced and winning projects are included in the City’s FY20 capital budget (December 2019).
7) Winning projects are IMPLEMENTED (July 2020 onward).


City of Cambridge Budget Office

Additional information

The City hopes that Participatory Budgeting will directly involve residents in the budgeting and city-building process, foster civic engagement and community spirit, and help ensure that the way the City spends its money reflects the thoughts and feelings of Cambridge community members.

Program continues to run during .


The program location changes over time.

For whom

Ages 12 to 18 and Adult.


Contact us for more information.

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