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Virtual Activities: At-Home Orienteering Games

By Navigation Games

The first game is to find objects hidden around the house

Games that build orienteering skills at home: finding objects with clues; making maps; and creating indoor courses.

This is an ongoing program.


Barbara Bryant
Executive Director


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Additional information

For kids, parents and teachers, Navigation Games prepared these progressive games that can be done at home. The games focus on exploring a space looking for objects, spatial memory, representing objects and spaces with written maps, orienting maps, and using maps to find objects. Along the way we talk about scale, legends (keys), route choice, and what it feels like to build up a mental map of a space.

To see the games, CLICK THIS LINK!

Orienteering is a running and navigation sport in which competitors travel through terrain to visit checkpoints marked on a map. Orienteering is great for kids because it develops their physical abilities (speed, agility), mental abilities (map navigation, critical thinking), and provides an opportunity for outdoor play. By playing these indoor games, you'll be ready to go when we are able to orienteer outdoors again!


The program serves people at their homes or wherever it is needed.

  • No transportation provided.

For whom

Ages 5 to 12. Grades Kindergarten through 6th grade.


Contact us for more information.

No application or registration needed.

  • Sign-up is ongoing