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    We provide training

    Managing your account

    We can train staff to update your find it pages.

    Making client referrals

    We can train your staff how to connect their clients to new resources.

    Training Families

    We can train the families you serve how to search for resources on their own.

    Image of Cambridge Resources Ecosystem Map.

    Cambridge Resources Ecosystem Map

    In addition to the above, we recently developed a new workshop, the Navigating Cambridge Resources Training, to help staff visualize and understand services in Cambridge.

    The map displays many of the services offered in Cambridge and the fields where they operate, allowing you to see them from a community-wide lens. Though the map is available online to anyone, we typically limit this training to the staff of organizations that provide direct support to people in Cambridge due to the lack of accessibility features within its software. That said, after learning how to use the map, participants are able to:
  • Find resources to help their clients without memorizing what is available.
  • Identify potential partners and collaborators.
  • Network and make connections with others through a trusted source.
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