Belmont World Film's 21st International Film Series: "Complicated Identities"

By Belmont World Film

Belmont World Film’s 21st International Film Series features eight of the world’s top films screening in person on Mondays at 7:30 PM from March 27-May 15, in Cambridge, Watertown, and online.

Belmont World Film's 21st International Film Series: "Complicated Identities"

.: সোমবার, মার্চ 27 7:30অপরাহ্ন – 10অপরাহ্ন; সোমবার, এপ্রিল 3 7:30অপরাহ্ন – 10অপরাহ্ন; সোমবার, এপ্রিল 10 7:30অপরাহ্ন – রবিবার, অক্টোবর 1 10অপরাহ্ন; সোমবার, এপ্রিল 17 7:30অপরাহ্ন – 10অপরাহ্ন; সোমবার, এপ্রিল 24 7:30অপরাহ্ন – 10অপরাহ্ন; সোমবার, মে 1 7:30অপরাহ্ন – 10অপরাহ্ন; সোমবার, মে 8 7:30অপরাহ্ন – 10অপরাহ্ন; and সোমবার, মে 15 7:30অপরাহ্ন – 10অপরাহ্ন.

Ages: 16 to Adults.

EBT, WIC, and ConnectorCare holders receive half price tickets.

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Belmont World Film

Registration required

  • Sign-up is ongoing

Order tickets and passes here.

Purchase tickets and passes from this page, but make sure to reserve in-person tickets in advance. Pass holders are not guaranteed seating at all screening if tickets are not purchased in advance.


In-person screenings: $12

Online screenings: $16

Passes: All in-person, $80; Combo Pass (4 in-person, 4 online): $96

EBT, WIC, and ConnectorCare cardholders are 1/2 price on tickets and passes.

  • Financial Aid and/or Scholarship Available

EBT, WIC, and ConnectorCare cardholders are 1/2 price on tickets and passes.

Check the EBT Card to Culture page for the discount code to purchase half price tickets and passes.


  • Both in-person and virtual (online or over the phone).

Apple Cinemas

168 Alewife Brook Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02138
মার্কিন যুক্তরাষ্ট্র

Cambridge Highlands, Neighborhood 9, and North Cambridge
Majestic 7 Cinema

81 Arsenal Yards Blvd.
Watertown, MA 02472
মার্কিন যুক্তরাষ্ট্র

Wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair accessible and all films are subtitled.

Additional information

Films screen in person 3/27-4/17 at Apple Cinemas & 4/24-5/15 at Majestic 7 Cinema; 4 of the films will also be available online. Each film is immediately followed by a discussion.

Played by a who’s who of international stars, the characters in this year’s films paint a portrait of our humanity, furthering understanding and creating the possibility of a more equitable society.

3/27: A Man

4/3: Luxembourg Luxembourg

4/10: The Worst Ones (also available online)

4/17: Burning Days

4/24: Farewell Mr. Haffmann (also available online)

5/1: Chile ’76 (also available online)

5/7: The Beasts (also available online)

5/15: Peaceful with Catherine Deneuve


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