A Fireside Chat with New HMSC Director Brenda Tindal

By Harvard Museums of Science & Culture

In this virtual event, HMSC's new Executive Director, Brenda Tindal, will share her journey to HMSC and her vision for museums as spaces of inquiry, engagement, and dialogue.

Brenda Tindal wearing black glasses and a teal shirt
6pm – 6:45pm

Ages: Adult and Senior Adult.


Harvard Museums of Science and Culture

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Free for HMSC members (membership is $35).


  • Only virtual (online or over the phone).

Additional information

Harvard Museums of Science & Culture (HMSC) members are invited to join us in welcoming our new Executive Director, Brenda Tindal. During this discussion, you will learn about Ms. Tindal’s journey to the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture and her passion for museums as important places for inquiry, civic dialogue, interdisciplinary practice, and community engagement. She will unfold her vision for HMSC and share what most excites her in this new position. This event will be a Zoom meeting, so please bring your questions. Not a member? Become a member today so you can join us on October 19!