Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee: Shadowboxing [Interactive Online Class]

By Brookline/Cambridge Community Center for the Arts, Inc. (BCCA / CCCA)

Have fun learning proper boxing technique from a former competitive boxer!

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee: Shadowboxing

.: 11am – 11:45am, 11am – 11:45am, 11am – 11:45am, and 11am – 11:45am.

Fall Session 2: November 1st to November 22nd
Fall Session 3: December 6th to December 20th

Ages: 12 to Senior Adult.


Registration Info - Dan Marshall:
617-642-1444, Dan.Yonah.Marshall@gmail.com

Artist/Class Info - Jessica Liggero:
(617) 459-8114, JessicaLiggero@yahoo.com


Pre-Register for 4 Classes (Sessions 2): $32 ($8/Class)
Pre-Register for 3 Classes (Session 3): $24 ($8/Class)
Drop-In (to Any Class): $13/Class

Pre-Register Anytime:
If you Drop-In to the first class of a session, you can register for the remainder of the session prior to the 2nd class, by calling Dan (CCCA) at (617) 642-1444, and you'll pay the remainder of the Pre-Registration rate (Example: $32 - $13 = $19).

  • Financial Aid and/or Scholarship Available

To receive a discount (pay per your abilities), please contact Dan Marshall at (617) 642-1444 or dan.yonah.marshall@gmail.com.


  • Only virtual (online or over the phone).

Interactive Online Session via Zoom (provided upon registration).

Additional information

Join Jessica Liggero for this weekly virtual class.

Shadowboxing focuses on the development of basic boxing technique. Participants will learn the proper punch technique for straight/crooked punches, footwork and stance. Class requires no equipment and there is no impact/contact. Shadowboxing is a full body workout that focuses on breath and improves coordination while providing a fun mental challenge. Each week this 45 minute class will progress with additional punch combinations, footwork, and defensive moves, in addition to a little core work. Individual style and movement will be encouraged increasingly throughout the 4 week class block. Drop-ins are welcome. No experience necessary.