Grandet An Aksion (Haitian Seniors in Action)

By Cambridge Council on Aging

The Haitian Elder Group meets weekly and offers a space for conversation and to gather with friends.

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星期四, 四月 25 10:30上午 – 3下午

This is a recurring event and is coming up on 星期四, 五月 2 10:30上午 – 3下午; 星期四, 五月 9 10:30上午 – 3下午; and 星期四, 五月 16 10:30上午 – 3下午 .: Upcoming occurrences include: 星期四, 五月 23 10:30上午 – 3下午 and 星期四, 五月 30 10:30上午 – 3下午.

.: 星期四, 四月 11 10:30上午 – 3下午 and 星期四, 四月 18 10:30上午 – 3下午.

Age: Senior Adult.

Organization affiliates only.

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