Honoring the True Roots of Herbalisim: Virtual Discussion

By Farrington Nature Linc

Honoring the True Roots of Herbalism: A Dialogue about Plants, Decolonization, and Liberation

Join Nathalie Rodriguez and Denise Goitia, two Queed Bi-Racial Latinx Folk herbalists and communitiy healers, in a dialouge about plant medicine, liberation and healing justice.

.: Mon, November 20 2023 2:23pm – 3:23pm.

Ages: Adults.


No application or registration needed.


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  • In-person only.

Translation request to be submitted through Jotform and/or paula@thegrowingcenter.org. Translation provided by SOIA/City of Somerville

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How do we remember and reconnect with our ancestral ways of engaging the Earth?

What would it look like to be in right relationship with the plants that support us and our communities?

How can plant medicine inform and support justice work?

This dialogue is an offering for all of us to connect to our unique ancestral ways of working with plants, bodies, and healing traditions in service of decolonization work.