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Housed In Cambridge for Landlords, Property Managers and Realtors

By DHSP Multi-Service Center (MSC), Community Development Department, and Cambridge Human Rights Commission (CHRC)

Find out about the ease and benefits of renting to a voucher holder and help ensure safe, affordable housing in our community.

logo of the Housed In Cambridge campaign, a green door opening to a blue background

.: Tue, December 7 2021 3pm – 4pm.

Ages: Adults.

Request assistance


Maura Pensak
Housing Liaison to the City Manager
Cambridge Human Rights Commission

Please contact the Office of the Housing Liaison with your housing-related questions.

Housed In Cambridge is a collaboration of several city departments, including the City Manager’s Office of the Housing Liaison, the Community Development Department (CDD), Cambridge Human Rights Commission (CHRC), Cambridge Public Library and the Department of Human Service Programs (DHSP).

For more information on upcoming events and programs, visit the Office of the Housing Liaison webpage.

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online, MA 02140
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Translation services available - Contact the organization for more details..

CART will be provided. For language interpreters or other accommodations, please contact CHRC staff.
Email:, 617-349-4396 (voice) or 711 for relay.

Additional information

Housing resources in Cambridge are available through several city departments and a network of housing and service providers all working collaboratively to support residents in accessing and maintaining secure housing. The campaign aims to make it easier for residents to understand where they can go for housing and assistance.

Housed In Cambridge will convene regular panels and trainings addressing a range of housing topics. You can view the online housing guide here.

Flyer of Upcoming Events for Housed In Cambridge Campaign