LEAP Lab: Microbial Buddies

By MIT Open Space Programming

Microbes live everywhere! From inside your gut to the middle of the ocean.

Clear container filled with mud, water, and green film to showcase the microbiomes found in a local lake.
Saturday, April 22 11am – 12pm

Ages: 4 to 10.

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Kendall/ MIT Open Space

292 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02142
United States

Wheelchair accessible.

Additional information

They are tiny organisms, often so tiny that they can only be seen with a microscope. In order to survive, microbes interact to create a stable community that can survive in a sealed bottle for years! In this hands-on activity, participants will use craft materials to build their own model of a stable ecosystem in a bottle, and learn how microbes make energy through their interactions. At the end of the activity, get an up close look at a sample microbiome using mud from Little Sippewissett Marsh in Falmouth, MA.

This program is designed with ages 4-7 in mind, but all young scientists are welcome to attend.

Presented in collaboration with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at MIT.