Love in Metal: The Art of Abraham Megerdichian

By Cambridge Public Library

Free event at the Cambridge Public Library.

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Monday, September 26 12am – 11:59pm

This is a recurring event and is coming up on ማክሰኞ, September 27 12am – 11:59pm; እሮብ, September 28 12am – 11:59pm; and ሃሙስ, September 29 12am – 11:59pm .: Upcoming occurrences include: ዓርብ, September 30 12am – 11:59pm; Saturday, October 1 12am – 11:59pm; Sunday, October 2 12am – 11:59pm; Monday, October 3 12am – 11:59pm; ማክሰኞ, October 4 12am – 11:59pm; እሮብ, October 5 12am – 11:59pm; ሃሙስ, October 6 12am – 11:59pm; ዓርብ, October 7 12am – 11:59pm; Saturday, October 8 12am – 11:59pm; Sunday, October 9 12am – 11:59pm; Monday, October 10 12am – 11:59pm; ማክሰኞ, October 11 12am – 11:59pm; እሮብ, October 12 12am – 11:59pm; ሃሙስ, October 13 12am – 11:59pm; and ዓርብ, October 14 12am – 11:59pm.

.: Monday, September 19 12am – 11:59pm; ማክሰኞ, September 20 12am – 11:59pm; እሮብ, September 21 12am – 11:59pm; ሃሙስ, September 22 12am – 11:59pm; ዓርብ, September 23 12am – 11:59pm; Saturday, September 24 12am – 11:59pm; and Sunday, September 25 12am – 11:59pm.

Ages: Pre-natal to 18 and Adults.


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Additional information

Lifelong local machinist Abraham Megerdichian machined from solid scrap metal his interpretations of everyday objects, and gave them away as gifts to family and friends.  After Abraham died in 1983 his pieces were put away, where many of them lay until 2013.  Since then Abraham's son, Robert, has had pieces from the collection exhibited at nearly 20 venues in New England and beyond.  This is the first major exhibit in Cambridge of Abraham's artwork and professional photographer Scott Sutherland's photographs of the artwork.  The artwork is on display throughout the Main Library - in the lobby, the connector, the Cambridge Room, and the Children's Room.  Join us for a curator talk by Robert on October 12 at 6:30 pm in the Cambridge Room.