Mediterranean Marketplaces: Connecting the Ancient World exhibition opens to the public

By Harvard Museums of Science & Culture and Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East

Explore the many ways trade shaped everyday life in the ancient Mediterranean in this free exhibit presented by the Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East, opening to the public November 26th.

an ancient statue of 7 figures in white on a boat

.: 11am – 4pm.

All ages.


Harvard Museums of Science and Culture

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On Friday, November 26, the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture—the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology, the Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East, and the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments—reopen to the public. See for hours and reservations.

Much like today, ancient “consumers” were connected to distant markets. Both basic and precious goods from faraway lands “shipped” to royal palaces, elite estates—sometimes even rural households—and technological advances in craftsmanship and commerce transcended boundaries of language, religion, or culture to spread rapidly. Mediterranean Marketplaces explores how the movement of goods, peoples, and ideas around the ancient Mediterranean transformed the lives and livelihoods of people at all levels of society, driving innovations that had lasting impacts—even on the modern world. See for hours and reservations.

Image credit: Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East 1902.16.3 © President and Fellows of Harvard College