Community Development Department

We support Cambridge through sustainable economic growth that expands opportunity, increases quality of life, and creates a healthy environment for Cambridge residents.

Hours of operation
月曜日: 8:30 午前-8:00 午後
火曜日: 8:30 午前-5:00 午後
水曜日: 8:30 午前-5:00 午後
木曜日: 8:30 午前-5:00 午後
金曜日: 8:30 午前-12:00 午後



City Hall Annex

344 Broadway, 2nd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139

Mid Cambridge

Additional information

Our mission is to enhance the character and diversity of the city's neighborhoods and support sustainable economic growth that expands opportunities for residents, enables a high quality of life within the community, and contributes to a healthy environment.

Current programs