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Equity Roadmap

Connecting youth to equitable opportunities through therapeutic, educational, structured activities, and new positive relationships through mentorship.

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Equity Roadmap
Friday Night Hype


Equity Roadmap

15 Carlisle Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
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Mid Cambridge, The Port, and Wellington Harrington

Additional information

Equity Roadmap is a non-profit organization which connects youth to various opportunities within their communities with the interest and goal of closing the opportunity gap. Friday Night Hype, a mentor program within Equity Roadmap, is a pilot program created by educators and community leaders to connect scholars to fun, structured activities, opportunities and new positive relationships one Friday Night a month.

Through positive mentorship, we aim to dismantle social stratification and white supremacy culture that disenfranchises Black and Brown youth. We provide scholars with a variety of opportunities that include: entrepreneurship, financial literacy, social justice education, activism, community relations, and academic support with the intention of diminishing opportunity gaps.

Last updated فبراير 22, 2022.

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