The Innovation Trail

Learn about the scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs who made Cambridge one of the most innovative cities in America on this *all new* engaging walking tour.
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Guided tours of The Innovation Trail start outside the Cambridge Marriott. Self-guided tours (using our map at, start either near the Irish Famine Memorial or in Cambridge near Central Square. To get to the Boston start, get off on the MBTA’s Park Street, Downtown Crossing, Government Center, or State Street stops. All are less than a five minute walk to the Stop #1. To get to the Cambridge start, get off at the MBTA’s Red Line stop at Central Square in Cambridge.

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The Innovation Trail lets everyone experience four centuries of world-changing breakthroughs from Boston. The first clinical trial. The invention of the telephone. The instant camera. Getting Apollo spacecraft to the moon. The first surgery under anesthesia. The Innovation Trail shows how gaining our independence as a nation after the Revolution was just the beginning. What happened in Boston after America became an independent nation is equally as astounding.

The Innovation Trail Logo.

The Innovation Trail

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Last updated May 5, 2023.