JOYweavers Inc.

We offer accessible programs for children, work experiences for teens, advocacy and resources for caregivers, and most importantly, community through afterschool, summer camps, and other activities.

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Mia Klinger
Joyweavers Day Camp


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JOYweavers celebrates joy, learning, and the wonder of childhood. We create trauma-sensitive environments that foster strength, and are designed to anticipate, support and respond with empathy to children’s challenging moments. The result is a place where children feel free to be themselves and open to new experiences and relationships. We are committed to problem solving with children and caregivers to ensure accessibility and maximize each child and family’s engagement and sense of belonging.

Sometimes, invisible disabilities like anxiety, attentional needs, trauma, or learning difficulties are dismissed, misunderstood, or met with punitive practices including loss of recess, seclusion, restraint or suspension. Such interventions are disproportionately used with children of color, those facing poverty, and children with disabilities; and, they rarely improve behavior or lead to growth. As a model of inclusive practice, and through advocacy, and collaboration, JOYweavers will be a voice for systemic change in the care and engagement of children and families.