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Solutions at Work

We help break the cycle of poverty and homelessness by providing people with resources and opportunities to strengthen their confidence, achieve self-sufficiency, and participate in helping others.

Hours of operation
火曜日: 10:00 午前-4:00 午後
水曜日: 10:00 午前-4:00 午後
木曜日: 10:00 午前-4:00 午後



Solutions at Work

1151 Massachusetts Avenue
(In the basement of Old Cambridge Baptist Church)
Cambridge, MA 02138

Mid Cambridge and Riverside

Additional information

We are a 501(C)(3) Cambridge-based nonprofit which, for thirty years, has supplied the Cambridge homeless community and low income community with material aids, opportunities for job search assistance, especially interview-appropriate clothing, children's clothing and equipment. We take in gently used and serviceable items,providing resources and opportunities to strengthen self-confidence, work toward self-sufficiency and participate in helping others. Donors and participants: call 617 5760039.