Wildflower Schools

We are a network of authentic Montessori schools with each location managed by lead-teacher-owners that blend their own unique style of Montessori principles with cultural and communal practices.

Hours of operation
الاثنين: 9:30 ص-3:00 م
الثلاثاء: 9:30 ص-3:00 م
الأربعاء: 9:30 ص-3:00 م
الخميس: 9:30 ص-3:00 م
الجمعة: 9:30 ص-3:00 م


Wildflower Schools Network
General Contact Information


Wildflower Schools Foundation

5500 Nicollet Ave #19590
Minneapolis, MN 55419
الولايات المتحدة

Outside Cambridge

Additional information

Wildflower Schools Network locations serve a variety of early childhood ages based on their teachers and their site.

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