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We help families and friends of alcoholics by hosting regular support groups and meetings in your area. If you come to meetings and find relief, you belong.

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Some meetings may require membership/prior attendance or a referral, others only require that you show up. Use our tools to help you find and sign up for/attend a meeting that's right for you:


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The program location changes over time.

  • Both in-person and virtual (online or over the phone).

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This is an ongoing program.

Meeting times vary, use our tools to help you find a meeting near you:

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Alateen is a fellowship of teenagers whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. Learn more about our Alateen group and what happens in meetings on our Alateen Page for NewcomersAl-Anon is a mutual support group for those affected by substance use of a loved one to recover from the effects of the disease of alcoholism. You will find love, understanding, and hope from the Al-Anon family group. 

See if Al-Anon Family Groups are right for you with a self-assessment:

  • Are you troubled by someone else’s drinking?  Answer these 20 questions to see if Al-Anon can help you.
  • Did you grow up with a problem drinker? Answer these 20 questions to see if Al-Anon can help you.

Al-Anon Family Groups is a spiritual fellowship, not a religious one. We avoid discussion of specific religious doctrine, and members of all faiths (or of none) are welcome. The only requirement for you to attend meetings is that there be a problem of alcohol in a relative or friend. There are no fees for membership. Al-Anon is supported through voluntary donations.


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This is an ongoing program.
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