Club Z Study Skills

By Club Z Tutoring and Test Prep

We offer 30 hours of tutoring that covers strategies and techniques for efficient, effective studying; time and self-management skills; improving concentration and memory; organization; and test prep.

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This is an ongoing program.
Mon, September 5 2022 – Friday, June 23

This is a recurring opportunity. Friday, June 30 – Friday, September 1

Every day.
Afternoon and Evening.

Session scheduling is flexible. Call for details.

Ages: 12 to 18.

Grades 6th grade through 12th grade.

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Celine Bewsher

Registration required

  • Specific dates
Wednesday, March 1 – Friday, June 30

To enroll, contact or call Club Z Cambridge at 617.245.2507. Most signups should take place before the due date to secure a spot. If spots remain after that point, we can continue to try to coordinate spots up to the second week of October, though we can't make guarantees.


Cost varies based on program length. Please contact us for more information. No financial assistance or scholarships are available.


The program serves people at their homes or wherever it is needed or online.

  • Only virtual (online or over the phone).

This program is typically virtual, please call us for more details.

Additional information

This program includes:

  • diagnostic test allowing us to customize the study skills program
  • time and self-management skills
  • information gathering skills (active listening, active reading, effective note-taking, classroom participation)
  • improving concentration and memory
  • organizational skills
  • test preparation and anxiety
  • homework management skills and strategies
  • writing papers and essays