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Fixit Directory

By City of Cambridge

This directory helps residents of the Cambridge-area to find businesses to repair and fix items before they’re discarded into the trash. It was created by the Cambridge Recycling Advisory Committee.

This is an ongoing program.

Please contact specific listings for information about their time.

Ages Young Adult to Senior Adult.


Leah Beckett

No application or registration needed.

  • Sign-up is ongoing


Cost varies, contact specific listings for their information.


The program serves people at their homes or wherever it is needed or online.

  • Both in-person and virtual (online or over the phone).

Additional information

The City’s Recycling Advisory Committee has created a Fixit Directory to encourage Cambridge residents to find repair businesses, to reduce what’s thrown in the trash. We are trying to get the word out to as many residents as we can. You can view the Fixit Directory by clicking here: