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Planet Protectors Afterschool Science Programs


E Inc.

Group of boys huddling outdoors for a science activity.

Our “e” inc. Planet Science Learning & Action Center can bring from 1 to 3 cycles of hands-on science programming to any school or afterschool site in Cambridge!

Registration required

  • Sign-up is ongoing

The program is typically delivered in a 10-11 week cycle. Once your child's site has organized a class, they usually have a signup period before the start of each 11-week cycle.


There is no additional cost for families to attend through their child's site.


The program location changes over time.

  • In-person only.

We can deliver the program to your Cambridge site (afterschool, school, community center, etc.).

Dates and Times

This is an ongoing program.

Afternoon and Evening.

We can provide up to three 11-week sessions a year between 3:00 - 6:00 PM. Our Fall Cycle runs October - December, followed by a Winter and Spring cycle.

Additional information

“e” inc. – the planet science learning and action center is a 15-year-old SCIENCE PROGRAM that brings 12 curriculums about the science of the planet and the skills to make a difference to children and youth sites.


"e" Inc. Main Office


Dr. Ricky S. Stern

Executive Director


Please leave a message at our Main Office phone number with your name, question, and contact informaiton.

Contact us with questions about programs we offer or where they're offered. Contact your child's teacher or administrator to express interest in or request our programs.

Group of boys huddling outdoors for a science activity.
This is an ongoing program.
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