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This program serves families looking for help with food, rent, utilities, clothing, infant supplies, holiday assistance, refugees and immigration services, substance abuse support, and more!

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This is an ongoing program.

Age: Adult.


Catholic Charities Material Support Division & Rental Assistance
Dorchester, MA
Catholic Charities Front Office

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275 West Broadway
Boston, MA 02127
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*Our Material Support Division is in-need of clothing and other donations. At the moment, we are not offering clothing support.

One-time rental assistance is available to a small number of individuals who apply. If you're having trouble with a security deposit or initial payment for a unit you are ready to move into, you can contact us for a supplemental payment to help you move in. You must be able to pay your rent long-term and currently hold a job to be eligible.

A full list of our programs includes: 

Basic Needs
Child Care
Children & Youth
Community Interpreter Services

Elder Services
Family Support
Mentoring & Tutoring
Nurse Assistant Training

Post-Adoption Search
Refugee Services 
Sunset Point Camp
Teen Center at St. Peter's