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By Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Logo depicts a train with various science and engineering symbols on it's exterior. "Full STEAM Ahead" floats above the train.

Join a global community of young explorers and lifelong learners as we move Full STEAM Ahead into digital teaching and learning.

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Full Steam Ahead
Full STEAM Ahead Team

Additional information

Full STEAM Ahead is a collection of resources that MIT is putting together for teaching and learning online. These are meant as a rapid response to the need for online resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will curate existing resources for K-12, higher education, and workforce learners, as well as provide a weekly package of relevant materials for K-12 students and teachers! Packages include: 

Week 1 | Learn about the Spread of Disease

Week 2 | Stepping into Invention Education

Week 3 | Exploring and Living in Outer Space!

Week 4 | Making Music and Sounds

Week 5 | The World Around Us

Week 6 | Inventing Matters!

Week 7 | Reveal! Discovering Science Through Compelling Images

Week 8 | Making Music and Sounds Part 2

Week 9 | Artificial Intelligence! 

Week 10 | Get Creative With Math


The program location changes over time.

For whom

Ages 4 to Adult. Grades Junior Kindergarten through 12th grade.


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