The Cambridge Consumers’ Council (CCC)

By City of Cambridge

We investigate complaints and resolve disputes that arise between consumers and businesses.

Hours of operation
सोमवार: 8:30 पूर्वान्ह-8:00 pm
मंगलवार: 8:30 पूर्वान्ह-5:00 pm
बुधवार: 8:30 पूर्वान्ह-5:00 pm
बिहीवार: 8:30 पूर्वान्ह-5:00 pm
शुक्रवार: 8:30 पूर्वान्ह-12:00 pm


Cambridge Consumers' Council Hot Line


831 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
संयुक्त राज्य

Mid Cambridge

Additional information

The Cambridge Consumers' Council (CCC) works in cooperation with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office to advocate on a consumer's behalf when they believe there has been a deceptive business practice and, their rights have been violated under the Consumer Protection Act (93A).

In addition to consumer advocacy, the Consumers' Council provides education on consumer rights in the Commonwealth.

Last updated मार्च 29, 2024.

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