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Cambridge Police Family and Social Justice Section

By Cambridge Police Department

We provide services to community members who are better served through social justice approaches and early interventions.

CPD Family and Social Justice Section.
This is an ongoing program.

All ages.


Family and Social Justice Section
Cambridge Police Department
Deputy Superintendent Steven Magalhaes
Youth & Family Services

You can contact each unit through the following links:

No application or registration needed.



The program location changes over time.

  • Both in-person and virtual (online or over the phone).

Our Youth Resource Officers can be found in the schools and youth centers or by calling the unit phone number.

Additional information

The newly structured Family and Social Justice Section encompasses the "Family Justice Group," "Social Justice Unit" and the "Clinical Support Unit". It will provide specific services to members of the community who would be better served through a social justice approach than what could be afforded to them through a conventional criminal justice approach. By bringing professional staff and specialists together, we are committed to providing vulnerable members of the community with a stronger sense of belonging through customized support, while enhancing the public's trust.