Center-Based Childcare Directory

By Birth to 3rd Grade Partnership (B-3)

Here is a list of all the licensed childcare centers in Cambridge (and some in Somerville).

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Center-Based Childcare Directory

Please contact individual childcare centers (by clicking the link) for more information about how and when to sign up.


The cost options listed refers to the entire list of center-based programs and does not necessarily mean that any, individual program has those cost options available. Contact individual childcare centers for more information about their cost options.

  • Financial Aid and/or Scholarship Available
  • Accepts Vouchers
  • Sliding scale based on income

Center-Based Childcare Directory (Google version)


The program location changes over time.

  • In-person only.

Contact individual childcare centers for more information. This list is a web-based resource, but the programs listed are for in-person childcare support.

View our list of programs: Click here!

Additional information

Many, if not all, of these childcare programs have individual pages on Find It Cambridge. You can look up their contact information or get links to their website via their Find It page. You can search for these programs using their title or by selecting the "Childcare" category from the "Services" filter on the search page. You can also narrow down your results by filtering by the age of your child or the neighborhood where each program is located.

Here is the Birth - 3rd Grade Partnership's comprehensive list of center-based childcare options in Cambridge: Center-Based Programs

Here is our list of Family Childcare Providers if you wish to explore alternative options.

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