Sexual Assault Unit

By Cambridge Police Department

This unit investigates sexual crimes and provides support and social services to survivors of sexual crimes.

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This is an ongoing program.

Our unit responds to calls on weekdays (a detective responds over the weekend). There are also lots of community-based resources available to survivors:

All ages.


Sexual Assault Unit and Hotline
Cambridge Police Department

If you've believe you've experienced a sexual crime, please call our hotline*. 

*This hotline is monitored Monday-Friday, and messages left during the weekend will be responded to by a detective.

No application or registration needed.



The program location changes over time.

  • Both in-person and virtual (online or over the phone).

This resource guide is an online tool that provides people with different resource options. Many of these resources can be accessed at home or remotely:

Additional information

The Sexual Assault Unit investigates sexual crimes such as rape, indecent assault, indecent exposure, and peeping & spying. The goal of the Sexual Assault Unit is to provide the best police and social services available to people who have survived a sexual crime and their family. The Sexual Assault Unit will accomplish this task by conducting thorough and detailed follow-up investigations of all sexual assaults reported to the Cambridge Police Department. Understanding the difficulty and trauma placed upon the survivors of sexual assault, our approach emphasizes sensitivity to your needs.